Ants in the Home


Help ! We have ants in our house



But I suppose that we are not the only ones because most people that I have spoken to about having ants in the house have told me that they have had the same problem.
A couple of years ago my husband and I went out for the afternoon because it was a lovely warm day and we wanted to do something for a change. We had a lovely time, but when we came back we noticed that there were hundreds of flying ants around the front door. When we got indoors , we noticed that there were flying ants on the inside of the front door too. It was horrendous, like something out of a horror film and I just wanted to get rid of them. So I got out my hoover and hovered them up. Then I changed the hoover bag and threw the one containing the ants in the dustbin. This did get rid of them that time but there were still a few of them flying about, and we managed to chase them out of the front door.
Yesterday morning I got up and went into the dining room where I noticed some ants on the floor. These were not flying ants but they still gave me the creeps. I have been sweeping them up and taking them outside but they still keep coming out from under the skirting board. 
I hate the idea of these little insects walking all over my home especially on the work surfaces where we prepare food.
I have been trying to find ways of humanely getting rid of these ants, I was told that you can get rid of ants by luring them out of the nest with sugar lumps.
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