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Going to the auction house
This afternoon my husband and I are going to our local auction house. This , our nearest auction house is a ten minute journey by car. Two days before there is a sale on , the auction house will have viewing days so that potential customers can go and have a look at the things being sold. I love having a look around this auction house and I have been lucky enough to have been able to both buy and sell stuff there. The sale we are going to look round is a general sale where they mostly have antiques and collectable for sale, but they have lots of other things as well.
We once went to another sale room and placed a bid on a lot , but we did not get it although the bid we put on was higher than what the item sold for. We were trying to buy a bookcase to house my massive book collection and when we noticed that this bookcase had been sold for several pounds less than we offered, we rang up the saleroom to complain. The lady on the other end of the phone told us that by rights the bookcase should have been ours, but unfortunately the lucky bidder who got it had taken it home straight away.
Making Money at auction
I often buy things to sell at auction with the hope that I will make a good profit on my items. There is still a lot for me to learn about buying antiques and collectable because the last few things that I have sold have not made a profit at all. I brought a lovely collection of vintage glass that I paid good money for. I did plenty of research on my vintage glass and I saw similar items being sold for lots of money online. If my glass collection had sold for the same amount of money that other people were selling theirs for, I could have made a lovely profit. I think that maybe I should have tried to sell my vintage glass online , and I should have sold each piece separately. I decided to try and sell my glass at auction as a collection but it did not do very well. We went to the viewing day a couple of days before the glass was about to be sold and we saw a lot of people looking at it. However, on the day there were only three bids and I had to sell it for a lots less than I paid for it. So from now on I am going to be careful what I pay for things that I want to sell.
On the other hand , I did have a successful day when I decided to sell a pair of powder compacts. I had brought two powder compacts, one in an original box , from a car boot sale for two pound each. These sold at auction for more than twenty pound, making me a good profit and helping to make up for the money lost on the glasses. So it is swings and roundabouts on auction days, some you lose and some you win.