Talking about collecting old books and first editions , this does remind me of another incident of book buying that I did several years ago.
I often search charity shops, car boot sales, used goods shops and stalls and of course secondhand book shops in the hope that one day I will find a first edition. Nowadays I know more or less what to look for , but so far I have not found any first edition of any valuable book.
I used to buy books if they looked old worn or tattered and most of these were worthless because they were not first editions and none of them were signed by the author. One day I brought a set of six old books because they were a full set and they looked to me to be old and interesting. These were books in the Daddy Long Legs series . Daddy Long Legs books were a popular choice for children in the early 20th century. So I was pleased with this set of old books that I had just brought. Once I got them home , I did some research online and found out that the books I had just brought were basically worthless although there were some Daddy Long legs books for sale on Ebay. So I decided to be more careful what I spent my money on in the future. Nowadays if I see an interesting old book for sale , I will always do some research on the book title, author, publisher and printing date before I will buy the book. I often see what I think are interesting books , only to find after doing my research that the book would not be of any interest to a proper book collector. I know one day I will find a valuable book and I will leave it in the shop, only to find that it will be gone when I go back to buy it. I shall just have to start learning a bit more, because after all you learn something new everyday.
This is not a book review page, it is just a list of books that I have read in the past. I find that it is best to write a detailed book review about any book when you have just finished reading it. This is because the story and the characters are still fresh in your mind and you can give the reader as much detail as possible. When you have read a book in the past , you can barely remember what has happened and who the characters are. However I always remember if I enjoyed reading a particular book or not, even if I do not remember much else about it.
Love the images
I also enjoy posting images of the covers of books that I have read because the artwork on some of these books can be fantastic
Where do I get all these books from?
When people visit my home I always show them into the sitting room and offer them a cup of tea or coffee. While I am in the kitchen making our drinks, I always show my guests to the book case and I ask them if they would like to have a look at one of my many books while they are waiting for me. I also do this when I am going on a night out and somebody has called to collect me and I am not quite ready. My husband says that I leave people in the sitting room for a long time on purpose so that these people will have a good look at my bookcase and then they will start to talk about the books that I have collected over the years.
This is probably true because most of my visitors take a good interest in my books and it is not unusual for a guest to leave the house with a copy of a book in their hands. The one thing that I am often asked about my book collection is how many books do I own, where do I buy my books from and how much money have I spent on them over many years.
The answer to the first question is; I have no idea how many books I actually own because the bookcase in my sitting room is only the tip of the iceberg. You see I also have bookcases in other rooms and I have cupboards full of book both downstairs and upstairs. So you see it would take me ages if I did decide to count them all in order to be able to answer this question.
The next two questions I can answer in one sentence. I buy the majority of my books from charity shops, car boot sales, secondhand bookshops, so this means that I rarely spend more than a few pence on each book.
I like buying my books from charity shops best because then I know that the money I have spent will go to a good cause. However we must not forget that all our wonderful authors need to make a living from the books that they have written so we should really buy our books from new if we can afford to. I do not have any spare money for new books myself but by buying used books I can keep myself active by shopping for books at the right price .

Reading Children`s Books
Even though I am a middle aged woman, I still love looking at and reading children`s books. When I am between books or on the rare occasion when I do not feel like reading. I often go to my children`s books section of my bookcase and take down a handful of children`s books to have a look at. I love the simplistic stories in these books and I particularly enjoy looking at the pictures and illustrations. I am beginning to build up a vast collection of children`s books and I really like collecting old , rare and out of print books. I am still kicking myself from when I went to my local auction room for the first time there were several great big boxes of really old children`s books. I was short of money at that time so I did not leave a bid on any of the boxes. While I was watching the auction from my laptop at home the next day, I noticed that these books were being sold at very low prices. I am sure that when I looked through the boxes, I saw several books that would have been of interest to a collector, and some of them may have been first editions.
So now I wish that I had put a bid on at least one of the boxes of children`s books.

About the authors
I do not have a favourite author because I like to read a huge variety of different sorts of books. If I really enjoy a book though, I make a note of the authors name and I keep looking for other books written by that author. I do tend to go for classic and modern classic books and many of these authors may not have written many books because they managed to find book writing fame with just a few titles. Also some writers to not start their writing careers until they are quite old themselves. This is because they have followed other careers or brought up children , and some of the women writers would have had homes to run and other family commitments. Many authors did not start writing until their later life because they actually wrote about themselves in their books. These writers gained inspiration from the times that they were living in, people they had met, places they had been to and their overall experience of life.
Nowadays it is different because some of our youngest writers have been able to go into a career of writing books more or less as soon as they leave school or university. This new breed of author has opened up whole new genres of book writing , for example, chic lit. Another thing that young authors like to write about is their unhappy childhoods where modern families have broken down due to the pressures of modern lives.
I enjoy reading books by all authors , young and old, new and famous. This is because I think that reading all types of books is good for you as you get older because reading books can give you an education and teaches you to keep your mind open to the modern way of doing things.
I shall keep on reading for as long as I can and from now on I will write a review on each book on this website. I hope you like reading my book reviews and I hope I inspire you to read more.

A good place to buy old, used , rare and out of print books would be from an auction house. When ever I go to my local auction house, I always head straight for any books that are being sold.
Many auction houses will sell books by the box full and they do not charge very much for a box of up to fifty books at a time. Of course the subject matters of these books can vary a lot because many of these boxes come from house clearance and the books come from somebody`s private collection. You may find that a box full of books can hold books of all different shapes and sizes and on different subjects. Other times you could have a box full of books on only one subject. At  my local auction house they seem to sell a lot of books on sport, transport and geography. None of these have been of interest to me so far ,apart from a couple of years ago there were several boxes of vintage children`s books in one sale. Now I wish I had placed a bid on these children`s books because I love to read books for children , and I know that these books all sold for less than twenty pound per box.