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Build your own Website to earn Money

Building yourself a website
The thought of building your own website can , at first , seem rather daunting. I can remember when I built my first website. I joined a free website providers site and then I was faced with the task of filling my new website with some sort of interesting content. I really did not know where to start. You see , I wanted this website to earn me some cash
Finding the right for my site
I did not have a product to sell or any sort of service to offer , so I decided to fill my new free website with content that I had written myself. I had previously had some experience of writing online because I belonged to a `paid to write site` that had recently closed down. I found that once I started writing my own content, I could not stop. I could write about whatever I wanted to and soon the website was full enough to show to the public.
How to make money from a website
The easiest way to make money from your website is to join some sort of affiliate network. This is where you can join the network for free and they supply you with links and banners that your readers will click on while they are on your website.
Getting traffic to your site
Well this was a problem for me to start with because I did not realise that you had to work on getting people to visit your website. For some reason I thought that the people would just `find` my site as if by magic. So I did some research and I found that the easiest way to get traffic to your site was to join a traffic exchange website. However I did find that some of these traffic exchange sites could be very hard going, but I did find some that worked. The traffic exchange sites that I use have banners and links that you can post onto your site ,and once again when people are on your site they click on the links. On some traffic exchange sites you get points when someone joins through your link. Then these points can be used when people from that site click on the link to your website and visit your site.
The best way to start with your own website is to get a free website from a free website provider like Weebly. You can build your website for free and you can keep it free as long as you like. Most website builders will start with a free website and then upgrade if their website becomes popular. With a free website you only get basic features but when you upgrade, you can get much more on your website, for example email address, better social networking etc.
How to monetize a website
This is a subject that I am still learning about because there seems to be lots of different way to monetize (make money from) your website. So far I have found that the easiest way of monetizing a website is to use an affiliate network. This is where you sign up with the affiliate networks own website as a publisher or an advertiser. A publisher is somebody who has built a website and is looking for ways to make money from it, whereas an advertiser is somebody who pays the affiliate network to get people to their website and hopefully buy something. This means that publishers get to post links and banners to the advertisers websites through their own site. As a publisher you can get to choose which banners and links you post on your site. It is probably best to choose advertisers whose products can compliment your own website or page. For example if you have just wrote an article  about something funny that happened to one of your pets, then it would be a good idea to post banners or links on the subject of pets on that page.
These affiliate networks cover all sorts of business including, fashion, homewares, pets, holidays, books etc. The affiliate networks that I have found easiest to join and use are Affiliate Future and Content Click. Affiliate future have been on the internet for years and the only problem with being an affiliate future publisher is tha their adverts only show up in the country where the publisher comes from. For example if the publisher lives in the UK , then somebody from America would not be able to see the ads on the publishers sites. This is because the advertisers with affiliate future do not often ship their goods abroad, so it would not be worth them showing ads to people who live in other countries.
Content Click is a bit different from other affiliate sites because the publisher can earn money from Content Click ads whenever a visitor clicks on a Content Click advert. I say advert , but content click is not really about selling products, it is more about written articles. Where affiliate future concentrates on advertising products and services and people are encourage to buy things from the advertisers site, Content Click is more about getting people onto sites where there are newsworthy essays, articles and reviews. I had content click ads on one of my blogs but I did not read their terms and conditions properly. I found their ads looked really interesting and I clicked on them myself and I got into trouble because Content Click do not allow publishers to do this and it lead to my account being suspended. This was a shame because Content Click pays you when you reach £25 and pay the money into your Paypal account. Affiliate future pay when you reach £20 and they pay this into your bank account.
Since I joined and got suspended from Content Click , I noticed that they have been taken over by another firm. I am not sure what the other firm is called but I am sure that if you Google or search for Content Click you will get to their site easily enough.
Talking about Google, this is another way to monetize your website. By joining Google AdSense. You can apply to join Google AdSense by visiting their website. They will ask you to submit your site url and ask you some other details. Joining Google AdSense is very easy but they do have lots of rules. Once your site has been accepted for Google Adsense , you can post banners on your website. Some website providers give you the option of using the Google AdSense widgets provided by them. Weebly websites offer you this option and they also let you keep all the commissions you make . Some websites that let you use their AdSense widgets will take a proportion of your commissions. If you have a Blogger blog , you can join AdSense through your blog.
Google AdSense will pay you once you have earned £60 or the equivalent in Dollars, Euros and other currencies. They give you the option of getting paid by cheque or having the money transferred to you bank account.
Another way to earn money from your website is to join an individual merchants affiliate scheme. With individual merchants affiliate scheme it is best to choose a merchant that sells products on the subject that you are writing about on your website. For example, if you have a book review website , then you could join The Book Depository Affiliate scheme, and when you review a new or different book , you can post a link to that book, through your affliliate ID and when people buy the book through your link, the Book Depository will add the commission to your account. This will give the book reviewer the inspiration to write a really good review on the featured book so that lots of people will want to buy it.
If you are trying to get readers from all over the world, and this will happen if you promote your site through social networking sites , it is best to join up with affiliates that ship their products all over the world. What is the point of getting thousands of visitors to your site every week if only a small portion of them can benefit from the special offers and deals that you are promoting through your website/
I am always looking for new ways to monetize my website and when I find something new and exciting, I will let you all know about it by writing about it on this site.

No experience needed
You do not need any experience or qualifications to be able to build your own website. You do need a small amount of knowledge , that is basic knowledge, on how to use a computer. The best way to start building your own website is to get a free website and to begin with treat your new website like you would any hobby. That is to enjoy it and not take it to seriously. Have fun with your free website and experiment with lots of different things. The sort of things that you can experiment with are;
Images; use your own images to make your website more personal and unique. Or you can use the images provided by the website provider that you have chosen. If you choose for your free website , then they have hundreds of free images for you to work with. You can also buy images of course , but if you are just starting out with website building, then I think it is best to use free images. You can start investing in your website (upgrading) later when you have got a good audience for your site.
Writing; you can write about anything you like ,within reason , when you have your own website. Maybe you can write about yourself and tell the world about your hobbies, interests, sports etc.
Blogging; You can share everything you write by posting links to your site on a Blog page. Most website providers will give you the chance to add a free Blog page to your site. You can link your blog to your social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and then your blog posts will automatically be shown on your Twitter and Facebook feeds. There are often social network icons at the bottom of all the blog posts, and this is good for other people to share your site with their friends and followers hopefully bringing even more people to your site
Sending emails; you can keep in touch with people by email so that your personal friends can keep up with what you are adding to your new website. When the site is finished , you can upgrade it and pay for an email address that is part of your website. You can get new people to your email list by submitting a link on your website where people can opt in to your emails. These will not necessarily be people that you already know and it is a good way to make new friends online.  You can then use this email to send newsletters about new content that you have added to your site.