Buying and Selling Antiques

Buying Brown Furniture
I have been taking an interest in the Antiques trade for over a decade now. During that time I have often been informed that brown furniture is out of fashion and does not make any money because nobody wants it these days. Of course when I first heard this statement, I was not even sure what brown furniture was. I thought that perhaps it meant furniture that had been painted brown for some reason, and in which case , I was not surprised that this sort of thing was not selling. After all , who would want a nice bit of wooden furniture that had been ruined by several coats of paint.
I soon learned that this was not what was meant by brown furniture.
Brown furniture is the name given to furniture that is made from wood . Most brown furniture would have been polished when it was first made and sometimes over the years, these bits of furniture may have been re-polished to make them look new. This sort of polish is known as French Polishing , and it takes a talented craftsman to do it right.
These pieces of brown furniture are often big, bulky and heavy because they are made of solid wood. This sort of furniture will last a long time if it is looked after properly.
One reason why this sort of furniture is not popular with todays market is because nowadays people have smaller houses and they only want lightweight modern furniture to go in their minimalist homes.
Not everyone will agree
My friend Deborah likes to be a bit different from everybody else. She is now in her fifties and Deborah and her husband have just refurbished their home. Deborah has just started to get into buying antiques and she also is designing her home for her future. She is looking for furniture that is well built because the furniture she buys now will have to last them until well into their retirement when they know that they will not have enough money to refurbish their home again.
So they have been going round the auctions and antique markets buying up any brown furniture that they can use in their home. They like the style , the size and the shapes of this sort of furniture and they know that their furniture has been built to last ( unlike most of the modern furniture being sold in shops today). They also like the prices that they pay for their old brown furniture compared to what they would have to pay if they brought a modern equivalent.
So far they have brought;
A bookcase £10
Dining table and chairs £40
A wardrobe £25
Chest of drawers £15
I had a look around their house a couple of weeks ago and the brown furniture looks lovely. Deborah and her husband have decorated their home in light coloured paint with pastel colour furnishings. This means that the brown furniture is the only dark item in each room, and furnishings, colour scheme and brown furniture all blend in well together.
As well as all my other interests, I have for some time now, been interested in antiques and collectables. I have built up a very small collection of antiques but I do not have anything really valuable and I use the antiques and collectable that I own to help me learn which ones will make me some money if I decide to sell them in the future. When I see something antique or collectable for sale, I always do some research on it to find out if it would be worth buying or not.
Doing the research on antiques and collectables.
I do most of my research online although I do also use books. I have now built up a collection of antiques and collectables reference books . I enjoy watching antiques programmes on TV and sometimes these shows can be a good source of information for the collector
Selling antiques and collectables
Over the years I have done a bit of buying and selling, where I brought something with the intention of selling it on for a profit. I have had mixed results doing this with some items making money and other things that have made me a loss. Somebody once told me not to worry about losing money because most antique dealers will have to loose money before they can make any. So hopefully I have learned from y mistakes and from now on I will only sell antiques and collectables that will make a profit
Writing about antiques and collectables
I have decide that as part of my research on the antiques and collectables that I buy from now on I will write about each one on this website. I will also be writing about the antiques and collectables that I already own.