Several years ago it used to be possible to earn money from mail order catalogues.
You would apply to be an agent for a catalogue company and once you were accepted you were sent a huge mail order catalogue. You could then let your friends, family , neighbours, workmates etc , borrow your catalogue to look through in the comfort of their own home.
They would then order the items that they wanted to buy and you would send their order off to the mail order company
When their order arrived at your house, you would be responsible for getting the order to the customer . Then your customer would pay so much every week for the items that they had ordered. Most items could be paid for over twenty weeks, and this is how people who could not afford to pay for things in one go managed to get the things that they needed for their home and their family.
Your job was to collect the money every week and then send it all to the catalogue company. For doing this you would get paid a commission on everything that you sold. The commission normally worked out at about ten per cent.
So if you managed to successfully get lots of customers you could make quite a bit of extra money from running a mail order catalogue.
Making money from Shopping
In this day and age with so many shops having loyalty cards and other loyalty schemes it is not too difficult to feel like you are making money when you go shopping. You do have to watch yourself though when you sign up for a particular loyalty scheme because some are better than others . I remember how I got into using loyalty cards several years ago. I would join up for any loyalty scheme as long as I went into the shop that was offering it. I found that , at that time , the Co-op was the best loyalty scheme because they gave generous rewards about three times a year. When I needed a credit card, I got one from the Co-op bank because I could get extra points if I used it in store . The Co-op was one of my nearest shops within walking distance of my home and I went shopping in there nearly every day. I used my Co-op credit card along with the original loyalty card and I enjoyed getting their shopping vouchers as a reward.
Then something went wrong with the Co-op bank and the rewards went from being very generous to being very low and I did not think it was worth shopping with them anymore. This may seem very disloyal but at the time , I had fallen on financial hardship and I need as many vouchers as possible to help buy food.
Later that year, there was a new Marks and Spencer food store opening near to where I live. I had always thought that Marks and Spencer were expensive , but that same year I was given some Marks and Spencer gift vouchers as a gift . The vouchers were given to me with the idea that I could treat myself to something nice, but at the time when money was tight, I decided to use the gift vouchers to buy some of our weekly groceries. I went into the new shop and had a look at the food. I had a good look round and compared the price of the food to what I had been paying in the Co-op and I was surprised to see that there was not much difference in the prices , in fact there were several products that I needed that were actually cheaper than in the Co-op.
When I got to the checkout there was a lady in front of me who also had a lot of vouchers but these vouchers were different to the ones I had . I thought that perhaps the lady in front of me had cut her vouchers out of a magazine and saved them up so that she could use them altogether. When that lady had finished her shopping and she had gone out of earshot, I asked the sales assistant where that lady had got all those vouchers from. The assistant replied that these vouchers were given away by M&S TO customers who used the M&S bank credit card. I was immediately interested and I asked how I could apply for an M&S credit card. The lady kindly got up and got me an application form to fill in. When I got home I filled in the application form and sent it off.
 My application was accepted and I found myself to be a proud owner of an M&S credit card. There was an offer with my new card saying that if I used it within a certain amount of time, I would receive an extra £5 voucher. I use this credit card all the time now in place of the Co-op credit card. I now get more points, offers, rewards, money off vouchers than I ever did before

Changes to the way we shop
Over the years I have seen many changes to the way that people generally do their shopping. I have found that my own personal shopping habits have changed over the years.  I used to work full time for a large department store in the middle of a medium sized town. This town was always busy and I was working in the mid 1970s when there were still a lot of small independent shops and business premises in the town. I would spend my dinner hour everyday looking around the shops and I could do all my shopping on a daily basis. This enabled me to be able to buy fresh food everyday.
Over the next few years I moved house several times and I went to live in a small village several miles away from the nearest town. I found it difficult to go shopping at that time because there was no regular bus service and we did not have a car at that time. There were a few small shops including a supermarket , a bank and a greengrocers. This meant that I could buy everyday food, but in those days I had to order clothes and things for the home from a mail order catalogue. This was fine by me because I ended up making some money from running the catalogue. I did this buy showing the catalogue to other people in the village who were in the same boat as me when it came to shopping. They would order goods from my catalogue and they would pay me so much a week. I would have the job of ordering their goods and I would also have to deliver their order to their homes, but we all lived so close to each other that I never had to take the stuff very far. Then when they had decided to keep the good that they had ordered, I would have to go and collect their money every week. I would earn up to 10% commission on everything that was ordered and some of the people used to order hundreds of pounds worth of goods. This was okay until I had trouble with one of the customers who ran into hard times and could not continue with their payments. I had to contact the catalogue people about this customer and the whole thing was very unpleasant , so not long after that I stopped running the catalogue.


Although I am currently living on a very tight budget, I still enjoy looking around the shops and doing a bit ( or rather a lot sometimes) of shopping. These days my shopping habits are more about finding bargains and getting good value for money, but this in itself can be interesting, rewarding and exciting. Nowadays nothing can give me such a thrill as paying as little as possible for something that I need.
Shopping in Pound Shops
These days I do a lot of shopping in pound shops and other cheapie shops. I find the pound shops that have recently started trading on my local high street to be full of exciting new products. Whenever I go into one of these shops I always find new products on the shelves. Sometimes I will buy anew product just to try it out , and if I like it I will go back to the shop and buy some more of that product.
Getting value for money and reviewing products
I enjoy getting value for money when I shop , so this is why I have decided to write reviews on the products that I try.
I will include in my product review;
Value for money ( was it worth what I paid for it)
Quality of the product
Taste (if it was something edible)
Was the product safe for the use it was designed for
What I personally thought about it ( liked or disliked)
My written reviews
I will often add new reviews to this site , so please keep coming back to see what I have been buying.