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That means that I am somebody who enters ( and sometimes wins ) a lot of competitions.
Over the years, I have won many different sorts of prizes. I have won so many prizes that it would be impossible to remember them all.
However two prizes that I can remember were;
1. A £100 gift voucher from Waitrose that I won in a competition that was being run by a local free newspaper. I just had to answer a question on a form that had to be cut out of the paper and sent to the newspaper office.
2. A huge hamper full of Indian food. This was an offline competition that was being run by an Indian food company. I think I had to ask them a question that was to do with Indian food, and I had to write this question in a letter and send it to them.
As you all know, I am a serious book reader and I also like to write reviews on the books that I have been reading. You may wonder how I can afford to buy all these books when book reading can be a very expensive pastime these days. You may also think that perhaps I read hundreds of books online. Well, the thing is I have never read an ebook in my life. I don't think I would like to read books online because I prefer to hold a book in my hands and I like to be able to pick it up and put it down without having to deal with an electronic gadget. I do not think that this new way of reading is a bad thing, it is just that I have got used to reading real books over my several decades of reading.
Anyway , you may be wondering why I am writing about reading books while I am writing a post on my Competitions page. This is because I often enter competitions that offer books as a prize. I have even won a few books in competitions .
I always search the internet for new and unusual book competitions so that the more unusual the book is, I think the more chance I have of winning the prize. It is because of this that I have some rather unusual books in my collection .
Now that I have this new website , I have decided that I will share any book competitions with you, my readers. So please keep coming back to this competitions page because there will often be new competitions added.
I will search for all types of book competitions and you never know what sort of competitions you will find on this page.
Most of the win a book competitions will have a single book as the prize . Now and again I come across a competition with a set of books for the prize. This may be a series of books that is being offered by the author, or perhaps a publisher is offering a whole seasons new books as the prize.
Please enter the competitions on this page and I wish you good luck with any competitions that you enter

Enter Competitions and win prizes
This is the pages where I will be posting information about current Competitions, Prize Draws and Contests.
There are always a good selection of competitions for us all to enter both online and offline.
When I find a competition that I think will be interesting to my readers, then I will post it at the top of this page with a link to the website that is running the competition.
I will be writing a brief description about the prizes that you can win , what you have to do to enter the competition, and when the competition closes.
I will often add new competitions to this page so please keep coming back for more

Good Luck
Yes, good luck with any competitions that you enter. The competitions posted on this page will all be free to enter and you can enter as many competitions as you want to.
The competitions will cover all abilities and some will be easier than others.