Get paid to listen to Music and other ways to earn

Getting paid to listen to Music
I belong to two websites that both pay me to listen to new music, these are Musicxray and Slicethepie. Of the two I prefer Musicxray because it is easier and quicker.
Musicxray ask you to listen to music from artists that have registered with there site, you can listen to all of each track if you want to but they only expect you to listen to the first 30 seconds because they think that you can tell if you are going to like it after this short time. When you have listened to enough of each track you have to click on a button to say if you want to be a fan of that particular artist or not. If you become a fan, you will get email updates on that artists future work and you get the chance to buy  their music and tickets to their events etc. Musicxray is a good site for music fans and for new musicians to get known. You get paid by Paypal once you have earned $20 and the more you use the site, the more new music they will send you. It is free for music fans to register , but I am not sure if musicians have to pay to have their music featured on the site. When you first register as a fan , you can fill in a form where you submit details on the sort of music you like listening to, they then try to match you up with musicians who produce music in the genres that you enjoy listening to.
Slicethepie is completely different to Musicxray in that you have to listen to a certain amount of each track, and while you are listening to it , you have to write a short review about it in the box provided. Even though your review can be short, they expect you to give as much detail about the music as you can. They are quite strict about this and if they do not think your review is good enough , they will not accept it but they do give you the chance to edit it ( most of mine go through ok after I have edited). They want details on what you thought of the track itself, if you liked or disliked the singers voice, if the background music and the beat fitted in well with the subject of the song, who you think would listen to that particular sort of music etc . So there is quite a lot to take on board if you want to make money from writing music reviews. On the other hand, Slicethepie will payout once you have earned $10 and they also give you the chance to refer your friend and then you can earn money when your friend joins the site and writes his or her own reviews.
For several weeks of every year, Slicethepie members get the opportunity to earn even more money from writing fashion reviews on their Catwalk site. This is where you are shown one garment at a time, a description of that garment including the retail price, care and washing instructions and the materials used to produced it. Once you have read all about each garment you have to leave a short review on it. They want to know what you thought of the style, colours, patterns , fabrics used etc. They also want to know if you would buy this garment for yourself or as a gift for somebody else. The garments include shirts, blouses, trousers, other tops, cardigans etc and all the garments that I have reviewed have been aimed for middle aged women. This may be because I am a middle aged woman myself so they might target a certain sort of person to review certain garments, or perhaps all members get the same garments to review.
Promote yourself online
Working from home ,especially if you have your own business is not the same as being out there on the high street. When you are in the public view everyday , you get passing trade when people are out shopping, going to work, catching busses etc and the general footfall of a busy town. When you work from a home office or workshop you do not get seen by hundreds of people during a normal week. However you still need to get yourself and your business out there so that potential customers can see what you do. Even if your home based business is just a small one relying on word of mouth from customers and friends, it never hurts to get free online promotion for your website or business. In fact you will be amazed at the popularity your business will gain by just making a few easy changes to the way you promote yourself.
So why not advertise your business online using one or more of the free websites that offer their members free ways to advertise their business. While I am building this site, I will be looking for and researching free business promotion websites and posting their links on this site.
There is one website called Traffup that gives their members the chance to promote their business through social networking sites. Promoting your business through sites like  Traffup means that you can reach thousands more potential customers than you would through social networking in the normal way.

Consumer Pulse
I found Consumer Pulse when it first started . This was about five or six years ago. Since then I have been paid hundreds of pounds from them. They pay in gift vouchers and gift cards and they have a long list of merchants that supply giftcards to their members.
To earn your rewards on Consumer Pulse , you have to log in at least once a week and fill in a short survey telling them what you have brought that week. They only want to know about certain things that you have been buying such as;
Make up
Entertainment ( films, music etc)
If you have not brought anything then you still have to log in once a week and tell them you have not made any purchases that week. You get paid even if you have not brought anything
There are now several websites that reward you just for sharing a link to their website via your own referral link. You will need some way of sharing your link either through social networking or by posting the link onto your own website or blog. This is an easy way to earn money online but you will have to refer lots of new members to be able to get any money from this.
Other ways to make money
Mystery Shopping
Buying and selling
Making to sell
Baking to order
Get paid to share
Get paid to share links online sites are really easy to use. You just open an account by submitting your email address and creating a username and password. You then need to read through the terms and conditions that explain to you how you can use the website and where you can place the links. Once you have created your username and password, read through the terms and conditions, ticked the relevant box, pressed the create account button, you will be given your own account page with your own personal link. They will then give you instructions of where to post the link , and they will give advice on how you should promote your link. Most of these paid to share links are meant to be used on websites, blogs , Social Networking sites etc. This is an easy way to earn money if you are already active on online communities or if you have your own website or blog. Another place you can post your link would be on online forums , but you have to make sure that the forum owners will let you do this otherwise you could lose your account.

Learning a new skill
If you are thinking about working from home, it may be a good idea to learn a new trade or skill. There are hundreds of courses that you could go on where you can learn something new.
If you are going to work from home using a spare room as an office or a workroom , you might find yourself getting lonely if you had previously been used to working with other people. So going on a course to learn something new will get you out of the house and give you the chance to meet new people.