Make Money by selling Cosmetics

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Buying and Selling  Make-up and Cosmetics

A friend of mine has recently given up her job to start working from home. She has decided to start working for herself because she fancied the idea of being her own boss. She answered an advertisement  that was offering a package where you paid so much up front to buy a certain amount of products, then sold these on to your customers at a profit. I told her that this was risky because the initial outlay was quite a lot of money but she seemed confident that she could run this sort of business.
She had done lots of research before hand because she started talking to her  friends, family members, neighbours, other mums at the school, workmates  etc and they all told her that they would be interested in buying the products from her. These people were all as good as their words and she soon made a good profit on the initial outlay. There were also repeat orders with people buying the products for gifts at Christmas and birthdays. Then my friend got really ambitious and set up a free website to sell her products to a wider audience . She posted photos and videos of the products ,doing the modelling and demonstrations herself. She soon had orders from people all over the country. Now she even makes money from recruiting other people to do the same as she did and start their own business. This means that she can make a commission from the products that these people order from the original supplier.
She loves doing this sort of work because she has a regular income and still has time to spend with her young family.
Companies like Avon are often looking for people to sell their cosmetics.
Wordpress and Polyvore
I am writing about these two sites, Wordpress and Polyvore in the same paragraph because I use these two sites to promote my websites and blogs.
For those of you who have never heard of either Wordpress or Polyvore, I will explain a bit more about them.
I have been using both of these sites for a couple of years now. Wordpress has been well known over the internet for many year , but I have no idea when Polyvore started.
Wordpress is a free blogging platform that is very popular amongst writers who want to get their work noticed. You are not allowed to post links through to other sites from your Wordpress account , and this is why , to begin with, I did not think that Wordpressed was the right sort of blogging platform for me. I soon changed my mind though because like most online websites, you have to get to know the site and find ways to use it to your advantage. In the end I found Wordpress was a good way to promote blogs , websites and other web links because although you cannot post links into posts, you can post your blog posts on your Wordpress home page. On your dashboard you will see that you have been given widgets to use in the sidebar, and these gadgets include actual feeds to your blogs. This means that whenever you post on your Blogger feed , the new post will show up in your Wordpress sidebar automatically. You can ad as many blogs and posts to the side bar as you want to. It is a good idea to have as many as possible so that people can see as much of your work that you have been doing over the last few weeks .
In addition to being a blogging platform, Wordpress is also a sort of social networking site. There are thousands of users on Wordpress who contribute to the site`s own community. You can post comments on other member`s posts and get yourself known through this sort of networking. You can follow other members and read their homepage. Other members can read your homepage and follow you. This means that your posts will be shown on their feeds and they can visit your blogs and websites that are displayed by the widgets on your sidebar. Visitors from other sites are given the option to follow you by email, meaning that when you post something new, they will get an email sent straight to them. This email will contain a link to your most recent post.
About Polyvore
Polyvore is a website that is mainly about fashion , but it does cover other subjects like homewares, art, pets etc. On Polyvore you can create your own sets which are shown on your profile page. Polyvore is similar to Wordpress in that it has it`s own community where members can follow each other. You can also like and comment on other members posts, and this is a good way to get noticed. Polyvore is an easy way to promote your own website or blog because on the profile page you are given the opportunity to post a link to your own site. This means that anyone who visits your profile page can see the link to your own site. This link is placed in a good position on your profile page and it is one of the first things that a visitor to your profile page will notice. I have also found that while you are creating your sets, you can add links as you publish your set. You can do this by pasting a url into the description of the post, this then turns into a link as the post is published. I find it is quite fun to build a set around your link. For example, if you have written about winter coats , then create a post featuring winter coats to get the viewers interested. You can also promote your Polyvore sets through your blog because they give you an option to get the sets sent straight to your Blogger blog.
This is how I connected my Polyvore account to my Wordpress account  so that whenever I post a set on Polyvore, this set is automatically sent to my Wordpress blog.
Polyvore also give you the chance to share your posts with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, tumblr. So as well as being great fun to do, Polyvore can be a great site for social networking and website promotion.