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Welcome to Moneymaking Ideas
First of all I would like to say thank you for visiting my website , I know that there are hundreds if not thousands of moneymaking websites all over the internet and browsing them all can be very time consuming. However, I would like to think that my website `MONEY MAKING IDEAS` is slightly different from most of the others because in the  money making section I will only be featuring a few websites that I actually use myself.
   I know that many of the sites that offer easy money with huge amounts of cash being paid each time are not very realistic. The sites that I feature are not `get rich quick ` schemes because unsurprisingly none of them are going to make anyone rich. On the other hand though, the sites I use do give me an extra income
   I am self employed, working from home and the trade that I am in has been very badly affected by the recent recession. It was for this reason that I started to research money making websites on the internet to give me something to do and to earn myself some extra cash while my working life got back to normal.
     This site is not just about making money because there is more to me than that. Believe it or not I do have a life away from the internet and I would like to also share some of my experiences with you. I will be writing reviews on the books that I have read, writing product reviews if I buy something that is worth talking about and I will also be sharing my experiences as an antique collector.
  New items will be add nearly every day so please keep coming back to find out more 
Searching the internet for new ways to earn

Nearly everyday I search the internet for more ways to earn myself some extra cash. I look out for new and exciting websites that give their members a chance to earn money by doing different things. Most of the loyalty sites all offer similar deals but now and again I will come across something new and very exciting. So I will continue with my search and I will let you know when I find anything good. I will then post my findings on this site and on the Moneymaking blog page
More new pages
I have decided to use my imagination a bit more while writing on this website because things seem to be evolving as I write. What happens is that I write a new page or a post and this leads me to thinking about another subject that I had previously not thought of to write about.
As this is (or started out as) a moneymaking website , I think I should cover the subject of working from home. This working from home might be from a home based business that keeps the owner occupied nearly full time, or it could be a hobby that has turned into a very lucrative pastime. Working from home can also cover a mini business that only takes a few hours a week but can still make a small income.
I know many people who are working from home and are doing very nicely. I have asked them if I can write about them and their business on this website , and they were all happy for me to do this. I think that people who work from home like to make it known that they are doing well because then it will encourage other people to do like wise.
Working From Home Pages
I do not know how many working from home pages I will be writing but I will begin with one and see how it goes from there. As well as writing about people I know who are working from home, I will also be doing research into working from home and who knows what new ideas I will come up with