Other uses for Sheets and Bedding

Sheets and bedding are often made from Polyester Cotton, and all you sewing ladies out there will know that pollycotton is a very versatile and useful fabric. It is easy to work with and sew , it also washes well and does not take long to dry. Polyester Cotton also comes in a wide range of colours. This sort of fabric is mostly used for sheets and other bedding such as pillow cases, duvet covers, bed valances, bedcovers etc.
I have also used polyester cotton sheets and duvet covers to make curtains ( mainly bedroom curtains where a light weight fabric can be used ). I first got the idea of using sheets and duvet covers for window furnishings when I could not find some fabric to make an Austrian blind for a little girls room bad in the 1990s. The curtain fabrics available  at that time were not suitable for the job and they were very expensive to buy by the metre. So I got the idea that I could use a duvet cover to make the blind with. I made the little girl a lovely blind to match her duvet cover and she was delighted with it ( so was her mother luckily, she was paying for it)
Since then I have used sheets and duvets to make curtains, tablecloths, cushions and even a couple of sets of car seat covers.. The customers are always happy because the sheets and duvets cost much less to buy than several metres of curtain fabric.