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Good or Bad?
I have been using online surveys as a way to earn myself some extra cash for several years now. In fact , it was through taking surveys that I really got into making money on the internet. Of course I did make mistakes to begin with , I joined certain survey sites that offered huge rewards for very little work, when in fact you had to spend ages on these surveys and only got paid if you were lucky. Some survey sites have petty rules and regulations , and as a beginner , I did things wrong and did not get paid even though I had finished that particular survey. Other survey sites would be the sort that ask a lot of questions and then screened me out of the survey even though I had spent many minutes on that survey and I thought I had nearly finished it. Some survey websites only gave you a reward after accepting offers which lead to a lot of spam in my email inbox.
In the end I did manage to narrow my use of survey sites down to a handful of the better sort of survey site. By this I mean that the best survey sites ( or the sort of sites that I was looking for anyway) would offer the following;
Short interesting surveys that were relevant to me
Easy to use website
A low redemption threshold so that I could get my money quickly
Payment by cheque or Paypal ( actual money not vouchers to be used on other sites)
Email notifications so that I knew when a new survey was waiting for me
No unwanted spam
My daily routine
Now that I have found several really good survey sites I use these as part of my daily moneymaking routine. I set aside a certain part of each day to spend some time answering surveys. I find that with some survey sites the more you do , the more you get invited to , then of course your earn more money overall.
These sites often offer you profile surveys so that they can find out more about you and send more relevant surveys to you . This works well on both sides because you get surveys on subjects that you are interested in and they know that you will give them accurate and honest answers.
If you have children , you will get sent a lot of surveys asking for your opinions on certain children`s products and services. Some survey sites give you the chance to involve other members of your family such as your spouse, children etc. They sometimes ask the other person to fill in the survey themselves but sometimes  you can answer on their behalf.
Market Research
With some survey sites, you might start off answering the usual sort of surveys , but when the people who run the survey sites know that they can trust you to be honest, they may offer you other work that can be done through their site. This more involved sort of work can include market research, mystery shopping and product testing.  Viewsbank often have surveys where you can opt in to earn more money by taking the research further and being interviewed on a particular subject by a journalist and you could also end up on TV and radio shows.
So if you do find a good survey site , it may be worth your while staying with them and who knows where it will lead.

Inbox Pounds is a website that I found by chance about three years ago. I joined it by following a link on another moneymaking website. I think I earned some money or points by clicking on the Inbox Pounds link . Inbox Pounds is one of my favourite money making websites. They pay you to do easy online tasks like searching the internet, watching videos, reading emails etc. They pay me by cheque and the redemption threshold is low compared to other sites. I normally manage to earn several cheques each year.
Inbox Pounds is only for UK members but their do have an international sister site called Inbox Dollars
Paid emails --  Paid to Search--- Paid to watch videos

I found out about GiftHulk when I was referred to the site by a friend on another moneymaking blog. At first I found it hard going , but it is one of those sites where the more you do , the easier it is to make money. So you really do have to persevere with this one. However saying that I do manage to earn several redemptions per month. They pay me through paypal , but you can order gift cards and vouchers when you redeem your earnings.
Paid surveys -- Market Research-- Mystery Shopping
I joined Viewsbank as part of my research into paid survey sites. I enjoy   taking surveys on Viewsbank because they are shorter and better paid than other paid surveys. There are also other ways to make money on Viewsbank including;
Mystery Shopping
Submitting Polls
You can also answer other members polls
I think that Mintvine is a relatively new survey site because until a few months ago I had never heard of it. I also joined Mintvine as part of my research into paid survey sites. I was very impressed with this site because I managed to get paid very quickly. They give you a free payment just for joining and after that you can make money by taking surveys and answering polls
The sites are hard going
Several people have complained about the loyalty sites that I use because they say that these sites are very hard to earn money on. To be absolutely honest with you, I too think that these sites can be difficult to earn large amount of money on , they are certainly not get rich quick schemes. However, I have found that from personal experience you can make money from sites like InboxPounds and Gifthulk , but you do have to work on them. If you do a bit on each one everyday then your earnings will soon increase. It is often the way with these sites that the more you do , the better it gets. Sites like gifthulk reward you with points and when you get to a certain amount of points , they will give you more things to do on the site. For example , as you increase your points, you can get more free goes on their Find the Card game everyday . I am now up to sixty tries a day, thus increasing my points even more and getting me even closer to getting my reward when I have enough points.