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Get Paid to Write
There are lots of ways to earn money from writing and you do not have to be an expert to be able to do it.
Paid to write websites
There are several worthwhile websites on the internet that will pay their members to write about anything within reason. Other paid to write websites will have a specific subject that they want people to write about. These websites include;
Paid to write book reviews, where you write reviews on books that you have read.
Music review sites, where they play the music and you have to write in detail what you thought of that piece of music.
Product reviews where you get paid to write about products that you have used. Sometimes these product review sites will send you a sample of the product that they want you to try.
Content Writing
There are many people out there who run their own websites but do not have time to write their own content. This is where you, the writer, could make yourself some money from writing. Join a website that is looking for content writers and they will put you in touch with website owners who will pay you to write content on  their site.
More ways to get paid to write
Blogging. Start your own blog where you can practice your writing skills. Monetise your blog to earn money from your writing
Paid Social Networking
Believe it or not there are actually social networking sites that will share the revenue that they make on their site. These are great sites for writers who want to start off by posting short messages and sharing their talents with their friends.
Loyalty points from merchants websites
Some merchants will offer loyalty points to customers who write honest reviews on their services and products.

Don't expect it to be easy
Ask any writer and they will tell you that although they really enjoy the work they do, writing is never an easy way to make money . Most writers have done years of practicing their craft before they have been able to do it as a full time job. For a start their is always a lot of competition with a lot of good imaginative writers out there still waiting to be discovered. So my advice to new writers or anyone who wants to make money from writing is to first of all do it as a hobby and enjoy your writing. I find that I will do a better job of something if I enjoy doing it , rather than having to do something as a chore. You can practice your writing skills by entering competitions like short story competitions, poetry competitions, essay writing contests etc.
My first writing prize
When I was seven years old I won a prize in a poetry competition that was being run by my school . The winning poems were displayed in the local library for a few weeks, and the winners had to go to the library to get their prizes. My prize was a large Easter egg and I think this is when I first got interested in becoming a writer ( and it first started me on the road to becoming a chocholic)
Writing Contests and Competitions
I am always looking for writing competitions that are free to enter (many have to be paid for) so when I do find a competition that looks reasonably easy, I will post it on the competitions page on this website
An excellent writing site has closed
I was very unhappy at the end of last year when a well know writing site closed down. This was a site that had more than it`s share of problems. Unlike some of these online writing sites, the site was run well and honestly by a team of people who had set up a genuine business. They had a proper office where they all turned up for work everyday, thus giving employment to several people including the lady who came in every evening to clean the floors.
So this was a genuine business that was run through a website. The website was a free to join and use site where members of the site could post short articles on any subject that they wanted to. I joined this site in June 2014 and I managed to earn a good amount of money during that year. Prior to joining that writing site, I had joined other writing sites but I had found them very hard going. I wish I had joined this site sooner because it was so easy to earn money on there. For a start , you could keep your posts short, with each post only needing 400 characters to be approved and published. You would get paid so much for each post that you wrote, plus more for each like and comment that you got from other members. You could write up to ten posts everyday with no time limit in between. This meant that I could often do my writing in the first part of the morning and then move on to some thing else after I had liked and commented on some of the other members posts. I found the other members to be polite and helpful in their comments on my work and I learned a lot about writing from that busy site.
However after the site had been going for nearly four years, it started in 2012, it was forced to close down. I was pretty upset about his although none of us members were really surprised at the time.
I had many posts on that website, I had written over 1,000 posts in all, and when the site closed down, all that work was lost. I now wished that I had copied some, if not all, of the work that I had done , to my files so that they could then be used elsewhere.
The reason why this particular site had to close was because  for the first two and a half years, they were paying their members too much money. It really was good pay for that sort of writing site . This must have meant that the site had more going out every month than they had coming in. The people running the site did try to keep the site open and they had to do this by paying their members much less that they did previously. My earnings shrank from £15 each month to £1 if I was lucky. So understandably many of the members left straight away although some who were nearing their redemption threshold did stay on and get paid. Other members stayed because they enjoyed writing for pleasure rather than for money and some stayed because they had made friends on the site.
A site like that relies on its members and to begin with when I first joined there were tens of thousand of members. This is another reason that it was so easy to make money on this site , because several hundred people would read your post and a good percentage would like and comment on your work. So of course once thousands of members started leaving, the remaining members found it hard to make money and not worth the time spent on it.
The website earned its revenue from advertising and that is where the money came to run the site, pay the staff wages, overheads and members payments. So less people going on the site meant that there was less revenue on the site coming from paid per click adverts. Also advertisers are not likely  to pay for advertising space on a site that has gone from being really busy to really slow.