Pet Sitting

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The new dog
A friend of mine loves dogs but she was never able to have one because she was out at work all day and she did not think it would be right to keep a dog shut indoors all day while she was out working. Last year she took early retirement because the firm she worked for were laying people off . She decided that she would take early retirement so that some of the younger members of staff could keep their jobs. The firm she was working for offered her a good amount of money when she left, plus she was able to take early retirement so that she is no poorer financially than when she was working full time. She said that one of the benefits of retiring early was that she was still young and fit enough to be able to do all the things she wanted to do . One of the things that she most wanted to do was to get a dog. She thought that a dog would be good company and she could keep herself fit by going for long walks with the dog everyday.
She did not really want to go to the trouble of having to train a puppy, so she decided to get a dog that was a few years old. A friend of hers had got a dog from a dog rescue centre where they re-home dogs that were unable to live with their original owners. So my friend went to a local dog rescue centre. They took her details and asked what sort of dog she would like. She told them that she would like a small female dog who was between the ages of one and four. She did not mind what breed or colour the dog was. The rescue centre showed her a couple of dogs that matched the description of the sort of dog that she would like . She did not know which one to choose so she did not get anything on that occasion.
A couple of days later , the dog rescue centre phoned her at home to tell her that they had a dog that had come in this morning and this new dog matched the description of the sort of dog that she wanted. So she went straight away to the dog rescue centre, saw the dog and fell in love with her. A couple of weeks later she went to pick up her new dog and her life has not been the same since. She told me the other day that she is really enjoying herself being a dog owner and she now wishes that she had given up work earlier.