Selling Used Children`s Products

While looking for a job this morning, I came across a very interesting opportunity for those of you wishing to start your own business selling used Children`s clothes , toys , equipment, furnishings etc.
 The opportunity involved becoming an events organiser for a market where people can buy and sell children`s products. There are two ways that you can make money from this sort of event.
Becoming an Events organiser.
You can become an events organiser by registering with the company that offers this service. They will send you details of how to organise your own event. You will be responsible for hiring venues, advertising, and making sure that the event goes to plan. The company will offer you help and support if you need it, and you probably will need support and help if this is you first event of this kind. Most of the advertising will be done online using social media sites , although you can use local advertising boards and newspapers etc. There is a small financial outlay and the company like you to buy their very useful handbook. You will also be responsible for hire charges of any venue you use.
Selling Used or nearly new Children`s products.
You can make money from these events by hiring a stall at one of these markets, and selling used children`s products that your own children have grown out of.  You can sell whatever you want as long as the items are in good saleable condition. You will have to pay for your stall , but any money that you make can be kept by you.
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