Traffic Exchange Sites

Traffic exchange sites (often known as TE sites) are really useful websites where you can advertise your business for free.
Traffic Exchange sites will allow their members to promote;
Their own websites
Blogs on any subject within reason
Ebay and other online auction site links
Referral links to other sites.
Are these sites safe?
All the sites have to be approved before they can be submitted, so you know that when you click on another members site it will not be anything dodgy.
Membership Requirements
 Some of these traffic exchange sites can seem daunting at first because , with some of them, they ask you to surf at least 25 sites before your account will become valid. But do not let this put you off because it is not as bad as it sounds.It does not take long and you do not actually have to visit the site (unless you choose to ) and you only have to wait a few seconds until you move on to the next one.
Will these sites help me to make money?
Yes, you can make money by promoting your own site. Plus many of these traffic exchange sites pay their members  by organising competitions with cash prizes. Most of them pay through PayPal or Payza and there is a minimum amount that needs to be earned and these can be as low as $10 which does not take long to earn once you get the hang of these sites. You can also use money you have earned to buy products from the site.
Do you have to purchase anything?
As a free member you do not need to spend any money on these sites, but they do encourage members to upgrade their accounts which does cost money. However , you can stay a free member for as long as you like.
Make money working from home or just make yourself a bit of extra pocket money.
Some of the moneymaking ideas on this site will need no skill or experience at all, but other moneymaking ideas will need some skills
Most of the moneymaking ideas are things that are easy to learn how to do.
Some of the moneymaking ideas will take time before you earn any money, but all are worth having a try.
Searching the internet for new ways to earn

Nearly everyday I search the internet for more ways to earn myself some extra cash. I look out for new and exciting websites that give their members a chance to earn money by doing different things. Most of the loyalty sites all offer similar deals but now and again I will come across something new and very exciting. So I will continue with my search and I will let you know when I find anything good. I will then post my findings on this site and on the Moneymaking blog page