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Funny T Shirts
I have always been a huge fan of wearing T shirts because you can wear them anywhere and they are comfortable and easy to wear and to look after.
On some occasions I prefer to wear a plain T shirt but the most fun sort of T shirt to wear is one with a picture or a funny logo printed on it. These printed T shirts are great for starting conversations with family, friends and people in general, they are great ice breakers when meeting new people too.
T shirts are also inexpensive to buy but the best quality T shirts will last for many years.
Yesterday I found a great website that were selling funny T shirts with a huge stock of T shirts in a great choice of colours and some unique designs printed on them.
The website is called Funny T Shirts, and in my opinion they are well worth having a look at if T shirts are your sort of thing.
Funny T Shirts are a quality T shirt company who sell quality T shirt designs with new and exciting logos and comments and sayings printed onto their unique T shirts.
Funny T Shirts is an interesting website giving you all sorts of information about T  shirts. I particularly enjoyed reading the section on the history of the T shirt.

this is a website that has been designed for people who wish to start working from home. Better Career Point can also be useful for those of us who already work from home, but want to do better and make even more money.
The website is run by a lady called Lauren who is an online coach who helps professionals through career transitions.
Her approach to career coaching is holistic and she is able to show you how you can work from home by creating your home career. Lauren will help you by combining professional coaching methods along with using social media. You will then be taught how to create a "personal career brand".
Your personal career brand will showcase your skills all over the internet and this will put you in line for more opportunities than any other method of job searching.
Better Career Point is an easy to use website where all pages are easy to navigate and use. The whole process of using this service is explained in detail. The testimonial page has a long list of users who tell about their experience of this service and they all seem to be happy with it.
How I organise this website
This is the first `proper' website that I have built myself. In the past I have done a bit of blogging and writing on paid to write websites. Now I am in the middle of building my own website , I am beginning to realise how complicated it can be. Before I started this new venture, I did some research into building a website from scratch.
Many people do have their own website, and most of them start with a free website (like I am doing here) . The idea is to build the website, and if it is really popular, you can upgrade it to a better version of the site you have created. For a few pounds every year, you can have your own domain, email address, newsletters and all the  other features that you can get with a paid for website. Some people do such a good job of creating their website that they can make money from it when they sell it as a business.
So this is how some people start , by buying a website that is already made. Buying a website means that you are paying for , content, emails and mailing lists, customer details etc. By buying a ready made website, you can get on with business straight away and you can add your own content etc. once you have brought the site.
However, I decided not to buy a ready made website because I wanted to have a go at building one for myself. I looked online for hints and tips on how to build your own website and nobody said that it would be easy. For a start you have to have a certain amount of internet knowledge and you have to know the jargon ( meaning that you have to know what certain words, phrases and features mean). You have to understand how a website will flow with one page or feature leading into the next. To be honest with you, I did not know where to start so I just created a few pages on different subjects and I started posting. Since I started this site I have made a lot of changes because I am sort of learning as I go along with it. That is why I always say to people to keep coming back because this website is often updated.
Finding Content
While reading the hints and tips on how to build a website, I got on to the subject of content. Apparently , this is where a lot of novice website builders go wrong. A good website will have a lot of written content that has been written by the website owner and not copied and pasted from other peoples websites. This is where you need a certain amount of writing skills and enough knowledge on whatever subject you are writing on. Many new website owners start with a personal website where they talk about their their own life and experiences. This is okay if you consider yourself to have an interesting and exciting life that other people will want to read about. Other website owners can create a site from their imagination by writing short stories that they have made up themselves.
However there is a way to save yourself all this trouble with finding subjects to write about and doing all the writing yourself, and that is to join a website where you can pay somebody else to do the writing for you. There are several websites where , for a small fee, you can get essays, articles, short stories etc written especially for you and your website.
I decided to do all my writing myself and I decided to cover various different subjects on my site. I try to make money from using my laptop, so to begin with I thought I would have my website as a moneymaking site telling my readers how I make myself a bit of extra cash. I would post a link to every site that I make money on and explain a bit about what the site involves. Then I decided that this would not be enough for my website so I decided to add a bit more about myself. I started the My World page with the idea that my readers could get to know me a bit better and I could also write about things that I did.
Book Reviews
I am an avid book reader and one of the subjects that I read about when researching hints and tip on building a website was how to do a book review site. Many people write reviews on books that they have read and a lot of these people post links to amazon, ebay and other sites where they are trying to sell the book that they have reviewed. As I buy most of my books second hand, some of them are not in great condition when I buy them, I do not try to sell these books on to other people and I always take them back to the charity shop. This means that the charity shop can make the profit on the books.
I was not sure how to go about arranging my book reviews on this site and I did not know if I should write about one book on each new page, or have several books on one page. For the time being I am going to write about several different books on one page otherwise I will end up with hundreds of pages of book reviews. I also think it is better to have more content on one page than to have many pages with small amounts of content.
Photographs and pictures
I am not big on photography myself and I am often not fast enough with the camera when something interesting happens. Most pictures that I take of other people are not brilliant with the person often ending up without their feet showing, or maybe I catch them pulling a strange face which is not the image that I originally wanted. Then I am not good with technology so all that downloading from camera and adding to files is too complicated for someone like me. So this is why that most of the pictures and images on this site will be from the Weebly photo albums. One of the good things about using a free Weebly website is that  they give you the chance to use free images on your pages. You can buy images too by upgrading your account, but to begin with, I am going to be using free images. These free images are pictures, photos, illustrations and texts that other weebly website members have used for their websites, and to `thank` them for using their images, their website url will be shown at the bottom of the page where their image is featured. This is a good way to get your website known, by letting other members use an image that you have provided, their readers will see a link to your website at the bottom of the page where your image is used.